Enjoy the views at this north Georgia historic farmhouse as much as the creative accommodations!

Welcome to Farmhouse on Boxwood!

We think our property is pretty awesome, so we offer you a few glimpses here before your first visit in person. Tucked in the valley of the tiny town of Dillard, this north Georgia farmhouse is equally filled with history, breathtaking views, spaces for quiet reflection, and easy access to nearby outdoor adventures and eclectic dining.  


Todd and Jacqi Barker welcome you!

We are Todd and Jacqi Barker, residents of Gwinnett County, Georgia since 1999 after moving from North Carolina. We have raised a family in the north metro Atlanta suburbs while creating successful small businesses.  Our main business is based in historic downtown Duluth, where we conduct environmental and transportation studies, public relations, and community engagement. We became owners of this farmhouse in early 2018, located 90 minutes away in Rabun County just two miles from the NC border. A year later, we began hosting guests and events. 


We have been fascinated to learn of the property's beginnings and legacy. The house was built by Sarah Dillard and William Powell, who wed in 1880 as orphans, then gained a tract of land as an inheritance for a home and crops. Soon after finishing the original construction in 1882, Sarah opened the home for their own family and rental guests from tourist travel and visiting ministries. Sarah supported William's farming by offering beds and three meals as the Powell House aka Boxwood Terrace. Their marriage lasted 52 years before his death, while they raised eight children. She kept the business through many decades until her death in 1962 (just shy of 100 years old), turning it over to a daughter for another 10 years. After a few decades of limited family use, the property was mostly abandoned. Renovations began in 2008, continuing by Todd and Jacqi since 2018. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the Dillard-Powell Home for architecture, legacy of prominent families, and being one of the earliest inns and female entrepreneurial examples in the region.


Beyond the rich history of this property, we love our new neighbors in Rabun County and the surrounding area. A commitment in all our family-owned endeavors includes investing in the local community. We discovered one thing quickly: within 20 minutes of our property, you can find many amazing and friendly people, a thriving arts and music scene, diverse choices in hospitality with excellent service by local businesses, and an endless list of adventures for shoppers and outdoor enthusiasts. As we connect with these local leaders and entrepreneurs, we can help you match limitless possibilities.


  • Farmhouse on one acre of land in a quiet, rural area including adjacent crop fields in cultivation since early 1800s. The original homebuilders married in 1880, secured a portion of family land in 1881 as an inheritance, then finished the house by 1882.
  • Boxwoods line the front entry atop an original stone wall and along the other borders as they have remained for many decades (thus the street name Boxwood Terrace).
  • Whole house vacation rental with 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, full kitchen, 2 sitting/activity rooms, and 2 fireplaces.
  • Our sleeping arrangements are 8 permanent, while we have high-quality airbeds with full linens that will accommodate larger parties up to 15. Look for the Large Party Add-On so that we can provide the extra details that make the experience great for the entire crowd.
  • Our creative layout and details can make our home just as great as a single escape, a romantic getaway for two, a group of friends, or a large family--and we have happy guests with great reviews in all these sizes to prove it!
  • More than 600 square feet of porches with swings, rockers and spectacular views oriented to sunrises on double-decker back porches and sunsets on front porch.
  • Outdoor picnic table, firepit, and level yard for special events and outdoor activities.
  • Strict policies of no pets and no smoking (of any kind) so that family health and the historic features are protected for everyone visiting.

Offerings and Accommodations

Our goal is to create unique experiences for you, drawing from the rich history of this property, the nearby attractions, and your own interests. We stay connected as much as you want to answer questions and enrich your time here, while leaving the space to you. Our property offers so much ambiance that it can be ideal in many settings:

  • Vacations for family or friends: Plan a vacation together instead of sharing a house with strangers. Our layout has 1 king, 2 queen, and 2 twin beds. After all, the original owners raised 8 kids here!
  • Romantic getaway: The house was built by two orphans, both from prominent local family connections, who fell in love and began their 52-year marriage in 1880 right here at the ages of 18 and 26. What better place for romance? Imagine a bed-and-breakfast getaway, except you have the entire house and private yard to yourselves.
  • Group retreats for creative team-building: Host a ministry/youth group, office, or team with additional airbeds and full linens to sleep 14+ before anyone thinks about the sofas. The layout also has room for more temporary bedding if needed.
  • Outdoor adventures: Make the farmhouse your home base for outdoor adventures. Within 20 minutes, you can find everything from zip-lining, tubing, snow-tubing, hiking, biking, and horseback riding to visiting wineries and touring rainforests, waterfalls, and scenic overlooks.
  • Ministry/pastoral retreats and studies: the first guests in the 1880s were traveling missionaries and pastors. Our vision is to continue that tradition from the first 90 years of the farmhouse.
  • Arts and photography: you will find many inspiring views on site and within a 10-minute drive. Day use rental is available for photo sessions, artist events, and even book/poetry/writers activities.
  • Special events: from corporate meetings and cookouts to microscale outdoor weddings against our scenic backdrop. We provide the facilities; you can bring your experts or connect with many specialists in our community to create an unforgettable event.
  • Film set, video, and music location: we are experienced with set location hosting and welcome it at the farmhouse--from social media videos or songwriting sessions to full movie set or cast/production hosting. Scouts are welcome for tours and informational sessions.

We are grateful for God's blessing to trust us with this property. Our vision is to share it with you through combining an appreciation for its historic legacy with creative ideas to shape new memories for you!